Romantic weekend on the Vltava Trail

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: České Budějovice

For coffee in VLNNA

Have you walked through the city and you're leaving energy? This can be easily handled with coffee and cake. Both have excellent in the Wave. The gently swaying little café on the Malše River has its own coffee beans roasted. You can look forward to a first-class cup in the only floating café on the Vltava Trail, where peace and quiet reign. There are also vegans and gluten-free!

Guided boat tour

You can also see the sights of Budejovice from the river level. Less than an hour long cruise through České Budějovice will pleasantly tune you. Enjoy an interesting interpretation while your boat will cruise the waters of the Vltava from the blind arm of the Malše River, across their confluence and beyond. In addition to historical monuments and parks inviting to relax, you will be able to admire architecturally interesting bridges up close.

The new 12-seater Rosaly with a guided sailboat departs in July and August, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 11-21. hour. A new service is also introduced from Sokolský Island to Malý jez and to the Water Tower. You will board the blind arm of the Malše River.

More information here.

Dinner in Klice

And we have dinner time. Klika is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner. The picturesque interior of the Klikova family restaurant and hotel prides itself on the details and cares about the environment. It is located in a quiet alley on the banks of the Malše River, just a few steps from the center of Budejovice.

A sunny outdoor terrace or glassed-in winter garden offers exceptional seating outdoors.

The youngest generation of Klikov comes with a lot of new ideas not only about food but also about restaurant management. Although you will find Czech classics on the menu, they are served in a more modern and healthier way. Fresh ingredients also guarantee the seasonality of the offer, which changes every month. The ingredients are supplied by local farmers and growers who will be happy to tell you more about the restaurant. In addition, you will not find palm fat in the dishes. Everything is recycled and the packaging and straws are only from degradable materials.

The restaurant is associated with the cozy boutique hotel Klika, which is also an ideal place for accommodation by the river.

After dinner to Poetic Coctail Bar Žlutá ponorka (Yellow submarine)

Do not worry, we do not attract you under the Vltava. A poetic bar called Yellow Submarine will satisfy your cravings for a sophisticated cocktail. You can choose from 15 signature cocktails. We recommend to try "Love"! The offer of spirits is dominated by rums and gins (from the gene menu "Let the nigh BE GIN"), and a wide selection of champagne.

The first cocktail bar in Budejovice is located in the center of the town in a building from 1831, where the salt store and salt office were located. In addition to the bar's main room with its majestic 13-meter-long wooden bar, you can take refuge in one of the two lounges, where the atmosphere is saturated with literature.

SATURDAY: Active and into the body!


Let's start the day actively on a paddle board in Hluboká nad Vltavou! In the sports and relaxation area you can rent paddleboards for any length of time and sail right on the Vltava River, which is pleasantly quiet in this section. Local rental offers a really wide range of water activities. In addition to paddleboards, you can also rent a sea kayak or a novelty this year - the Mirage Eclipse, a combination of paddleboard and pedal boat.

Our Tip: If you want to catch an exceptional insta photo to show off to your friends, rent a Laura motorboat. Take it along the water from the pier from the Hluboká area in the direction of České Budějovice and after about 100 meters you will open one of the top viewpoints on the river.

Then replace the paddle boards with:


You did not come here to sweat a shirt, so instead of an "ordinary" bike do not hesitate to saddle a bike powered by electricity. Set out for a 25 km long section along the cycle path from Hluboká to Týn nad Vltavou. The journey takes up to 2.5 hours. And wait as you overtake proficient cyclists in the hills. Yeah, you will like that

The beautiful stretch of the cycle path is wild through the Vltava gorges on the Hluboká-Purkarec route

Our tip: Stop at the new pier below Baba Lookout. It is a super relaxing place where you can swim in the river, engage with a boat, or just watch the wild nature on this stretch of river. At the same time, it is the starting point for climbing the Baba viewpoint with breathtaking views of the Vltava gorges. For more information on how to get to Baba, visit HERE


Týn nad Vltavou

Tyn is a charming town. Relax from pedaling and riding and discover its beauty on your own. In addition to the historic center, you can see the exposition of moldavites in the local city museum, but also the revolving auditorium, which is the oldest of its kind in the Czech Republic. For lunch we recommend the newly opened stylish Restaurant Hugo with a beautiful view of the Vltava River.

Back to Hluboká by boat

It was great by bike, but what about making your way back by boat ride? Go from Týn nad Vltavou back on the cycling path to Purkarka, where a regular boat line runs. Get on board with the electric bikes and go back to Hluboká nicely along the Vltava River. Information about timetables can be found HERE.

Awaits you through the Karvanice Gorge, which is the most beautiful part of the Vltava Trail

If you like water so much that you don't want to go back to the mainland, consider staying in a houseboat. You can choose from several different models of houseboats. More info here.

Accommodation and dinner in Hotel Podhrad

Even in Hluboká you can eat well. The menu of the Podhrad restaurant consists of a seasonal menu of specialties based on folk culinary traditions. We recommend you the stylish hotel of the same name, which offers not only a restaurant and wellness center with a hot tub and a small sauna, but also a great breakfast and an ideal starting point for numerous excursions. The small port of Hluboká and the chateau are less than a 10-minute walk away.

SUNDAY: Romance at the castle and in the cit

Hluboka Castle

Get up early and enjoy the fabulous sunrise with your dear one. Enjoy a morning picnic from the castle park at sunrise. Nobody anywhere. Only you and your love. It's an unforgettable experience. We will be happy to prepare a picnic basket full of goodies from local producers. Hluboká Castle itself opens its gates to visitors at 9 am. Until then, you can enjoy walks in the castle. There are plenty of pleasant nooks - to declare love as made.

Our tip: The view below the chateau is a romantic place that few people know about. It is also one of the TOP insta sites in the destination, which offers you a wonderful view of the port of Hluboká, the Vltava River and the Hluboká forests

Lunch from the past

In Hluboká is also worth a visit Solidní Šance Inn. The interior is reminiscent of old times and perfectly complements honest home cooking. Potato pancakes according to the traditional recipe are excellent here. We recommend drinking potato pancakes with Hlubocký lager - local beer, which is brewed in the craft brewery Hluboká next to the restaurant.

Farewell to Budejovice

If you are not in a hurry home, you can spend a pleasant afternoon in České Budějovice. Go through the historic city center once again and climb the Black Tower. You will not find a view of the square like from the Black Tower elsewhere! Relax in Stromovka Park and then just - have a good journey home!

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