Holiday in South Bohemia

“Holidays in South Bohemia? And what would we do there all week? ”- my parents asked me when I reminded them that they could come in the summer.

I began to list them the places and activities that occurred to me at that speed and which I was delighted with when I first visited and tried them. The parents liked the idea and they mentioned it to their friends. Good thing succeeded! In a few days I had a list of requests for accommodation for 7 people.

They decided to live somewhere in private, with good access to bike paths and water. At the same time they did not want to go far to the center. In summer, however, it is inconceivable that a true Slovak does not end a hot day without a well chilled beer.

... And this drink makes South Bohemia famous.

After a few days of searching, I discovered a beautiful house with a swimming pool, a grill and the biggest bomb in Hluboká nad Vltavou - a view of the Hluboký Castle! We had accommodation, we had to plan a program for 7 adults - recreational, but very enthusiastic athletes.

And how did we spend the whole week?

The first day after a difficult journey from eastern Slovakia I let those poor people breathe out. We had a relaxing walk in Hluboká, a tasty dinner in the Solidní restaurace restaurant and a refreshing beer in the Hluboká microbrewery.

The next day we rented bicycles in the sports and relaxation area, for those less able to exercise there were also available electric bikes. We chose a cycle path along the Vltava River and around Globus towards Vrbenský Ponds. Beautiful scenery, reward even more beautiful. It could not have ended other than replenishing fluids at Kněžínek. Some of us could not resist the menu.

On the third day we set out in the direction of Krumlov. However, our goal was not exceptionally the castle and the historical center. We were going for a full day rafting. We started at the camp at Viking. As soon as the non-swimmers put on their waistcoats and the other enthusiastically tied the bottle with rum to the back of the raft, we could go. A great cruise with several voluntary breaks for food and refreshments - and several involuntary bathing breaks - we ended at the campsite behind Krumlov.

The fourth day belonged to rest and regeneration. Due to the ideal weather, parents and acquaintances decided to spend at the swimming pool Barborka, which was within walking distance of their accommodation.

We exchanged the rest day for active (fifth day). The plan was again to go south, this time the choice of Lipno. The biggest draw was the Tree Treetop Walkway. Some of us overcame the fear of height and we took the cable car to the trail. It was worth it, the view from the highest plateau was worth all the stress. After returning to an acceptable altitude we headed to the water reservoir and port. We watched the sailboats for a while, strolling for a while, admiring the statues around the water until they were smoothed. We had a late lunch in the center, in a nice steak restaurant.

Day number six was again marked by a cruise. This time it was less wild than rafting. We borrowed a motorboat and went through the lock chamber at a scenic pace to Purkarec. Along the way we passed the prospect of Baba, fishermen and other pleasure boats with a cheerful crew.

On the last seventh day we finally took a tour of the interior of the chateau at Hluboká. The admiring sighs were a clear sign that the castle was rightly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in South Bohemia. We did not miss a visit to the information center, where everyone bought a souvenir not only for themselves, but also for families, children and acquaintances. We ended the day with an excellent dinner in the center of Budejovice.

If anyone would like advice or help with the program and current events in Hluboká and its surroundings, I will definitely recommend him a new and modern information center on Masaryk Street. We definitely found answers to all of our questions there and still took the original regional products from there.

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