Which way and how to viewpoint at Baba. Our 3 tips.

Baba viewpoint has become a very popular place in the Budweis region for all people who want to “enjoy” a beautiful and soothing look. The rock above the river is an ideal place for sunrise and sunset, as well as throughout the day. In the beginning, it was especially known to the locals because it is not so easy to find it. Then this place got on the list of so-called instaplaces, which are places suitable for creating beautiful photos on social network instagram. We would not even be afraid to say that the pearl of South Bohemia - Chateau Hluboká - also overflowed in this category. Especially because of unexpectedness and connection with nature. It often happens that those interested in a beautiful view leave with no view and do not discover the prospect. Will it just be a reward?

We will advise you on how to find the prospect, but it will still be shrouded in a small mystery so that you can enjoy your success and establish a relationship with this place. We will be very pleased if you treat the surrounding nature as carefully as possible to keep us here as long as beautiful. Take all the garbage back with you and do not let the found ones lie on the ground.

Our 3 tips on how to look out for Baba.

On the water!

Under the Baba was built a pier where you can anchor your boat, paddleboard, houseboat or other water means. When the device is shut down, you will reach the asphalt cycle path and follow the same path as the others, which you will learn below. The length of the cruise from Hluboká harbor is approximately 4.7 km. On a smaller boat, which you can drive without captain tests (their offer here) takes less than an hour, motor boat can handle this cruise a little faster (but to manage it you need a VMP or private captain).

By bike!

The most ideal way to get to Baba is the bike. If we take the port in Hluboká nad Vltavou as the starting point again, you will be able to reach a route of about 4.8 km, which you could manage in 30 minutes. You can rent a bicycle in the captain's office and if you want to save your energy, try an e-bike from the rental network of the South Bohemian Tourist Office, which is located in the Sport and Relaxation Center Hluboká. For those who like challenges, we offer scooters. This cycle path, already from České Budějovice, is known as Eurovelo 7 (connecting North and South Europe) and has an asphalt surface along its entire length. Around Baby you can continue on asphalt to Purkarka, which is 7.2 km from the lookout. Lovers of in-line skating, we must point out that the terrain has a high elevation and steep inclines and descents.

On foot!

On foot there are many paths to Baba, you can go on a bike path, through the forest, around the game park. If you approach by car, you will pass the port of Hamry, copying the bike path until you reach a small parking lot, where you will see the prohibition sign and a gazebo. Here is the last chance of parking. This starting point is a 2.8 km walk.

A common starting point for all modes of transport is where the red hiking trail turns left (on the way from Hluboká) from the cycling path to the gentle grassy hill. (If you want to check the starting point, click here: starting point.) Follow the red trail to a less favorable terrain for other modes of transport than on foot, so it is advisable to leave these funds down - for example at Hluboká - Poněšice and marked with the number 4. It can also be a catch under. At this sign, look slowly on the left side along the red hiking trail and turn up the already mentioned hill.

(Photohint 1: clue - educational sign number 4)

When you turn right you arrive at the fence of local game parks, along which you will go all the time. The moment you arrive at the top of this hill, wake up. Now you have to find a place where you turn right (near a large memorial tree), walk around an overhang (where there is occasionally a fireplace, but we do not recommend making fire) and the path will lead you down. The denser vegetation from the hill will bring you closer to the water when you encounter a rock formation.

(Photohint 2: Overhang just after leaving the red marker by turning right.)

You are now in place. Just climb a few meters and enjoy the beautiful view.

(Photohint 3: final stage - ascent to rock formation)

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