5+4 tips where to see nature

Where to go for nature near the Vltava Trail? We have 5 tips for you with different focus and in addition a bonus. So let's explore it!

Tip 1: Vrbenské Ponds

This nature reservation at the northern edge of České Budějovice includes four ponds, which are an important bird nesting area. You can count over 190 species here. An educational trail leads through the reservation and this barrier-free route is ideal for a walk.

Tip 2: Židova strouha (Jew’s Stream)

The canyon-like valley of Jew’s Stream is one of the most romantic places in Bohemia. The section between Bechyně and the confluence with the Lužnice River is bordered by craggy cliffs and has a unique ambiance. The area is registered as a natural monument. 

Tip: 3 Mysterious forests

The Budějovice Region is interspersed not only by a network of ponds, but also dense forest growth. There are many places where you can recharge or pick forest fruit. You can find extensive continuous forest in the area between Rudolfov, Dolní Bukovsko and Týn nad Vltavou for example.

Tip 4: Parks

Municipal parks also offer the opportunity for active relaxation. The Stromovka Park right next to the historic centre of České Budějovice is particularly popular in summer. This green oasis allows dogs to run free and you can also use the disc golf baskets there.

Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau is surrounded by an extensive chateau park in the English style, ideal for easy walks with a pram. This significant landscape element contains a great number of Czech and exotic woody plants.

Tip 5: Paths

Rudolfov educational trail – set out in search of knowledge into the area surrounding the town of Rudolfov not far from České Budějovice. Rudolfov used to be a mining town and you will find out about the mining of silver on the slopes of the so-called Lišov Sill along the 5 km long educational trail.

Trail through the valley of the Lužnice River – the first Czech long-distance hiking trail, which is one of the 19 best trails in Europe. This 55 km trail is divided into 4 daily sections, which will lead you to Tábor, Bechyně, to Stádlecký Bridge, or to Mitrowicz Chateau in Koloděje nad Lužnicí among others.

Bonus tip: 4 places where you wouldn’t expect nature

Hidden green areas in an otherwise urban environment, where you can find a refuge and peace:

Water tower in České Budějovice – the park in the area surrounding this technical monument is open to the public.

Temelín Park – you can find this peaceful park, with bodies of water, mature trees and an island, right next to the Temelín Nuclear Power Generation Plant, by the Vysoký Hrádek Visitor’s centre.

Čtyři Dvory Park – this large park, offering a number of opportunities for activities, several children’s playgrounds, a skatepark and fitness machinery, spreads between Vltava and Máj, two of the largest residential estates in České Budějovice.

Mitrowicz Park – or rather garden, was renovated according to a concept by the Flera Studio. Its beauty and charm are appreciated not only by wedding guests during ceremonies at Mitrowicz Chateau, but also the public.

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📸 @pavel… Poznáváte toto místo, odkud je vyfotografována… Také se Vám někdy stalo, že jste na tomto místě u… Židova strouha je prý jedním z nejromantičtějších… Dnes je oslavujeme svatého Valentýna. 💘 I když se… Zimní procházka v Háječku... ❄️
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