5 TOP restaurants in Budweis where you can eat vegetarian

1) Slunce restaurace

Slunce is a complete plant food center including a dining room and a restaurant, located a few steps from the Vltava River and the Malše River Blind Arm. Whether you're an inquisitive beginner or a proficient gourmet (vegan lifestyle), I'd recommend a visit to the Sun. I dare say that you will not know what to try before. Burgers, tortillas, salads, soups, desserts, ice lollies, ice cream sundaes, smoothies .. all in gluten-free form and some dishes are even uncooked, so-called RAW. I like raw pancakes with cashew curd, mango and chocolate or almond bruschetti al pomodoro. You are definitely worth a taste.

On the second floor of the same building is the dining room, which is a great place for a lunch break. Preferred lunch menus consist of gluten-free soup, at least three main meals (some gluten-free every day) and a salad bar.

In short, the Sun is an oasis not only for vegans, but also for gluten-free, sugar-free fans and all lovers of good food and healthy lifestyle.

2) Leonardo

Restaurant Leonardo is a long-awaited restaurant, which was missing in the city. It offers vegetable cuisine indistinguishable from the conventional one, so if you want a burger with fries and tartar, roast beers with cabbage and dumplings, Asian noodles with roasted vegetables or goulash, don't hesitate and jump into Leo. It is located near the Golden and Iron Bridge, a short distance from the confluence of the Malše and Vltava rivers.

In Leonard you can stop both in the morning for breakfast and evening for beer, as well as over lunch for a convenient menu. My personal recommendation will be homemade pistachio ice cream with whipped cream (again in herbal form, indistinguishable from the classic one).

3) Vegetárna Impala

If you don't mind walking around Mlýnská stoka with a stop in Nová ulice, I recommend to visit the Impala Vegetarian Shop. It works on the principle of a salad bar so you can choose something from everyone and start feasting as you please. I'm afraid that one plate can't fit everything ... well, one more reason to come again.

In addition to the abundant offer of salads, pasta, rice and legume mixes, meatballs, sushi, etc., there are also ready-made and so-called veggies, such as baked baguette or tortilla. Gluten-free people can be found here as well. A great bonus is the possibility to buy gluten-free bread. As a sweet supporter I would recommend coconut pudding or spelled gingerbread.

My personal tip and the reason why I like to go back to Impala - they don't like to waste food here, so after 14:30 you can enjoy significant discounts.

4) Soupculture

Soupculture Soup is located directly on the square and offers vegan soups in an edible crucible, making it a great option for so-called fast food if you prefer to dine while walking along the river, in the park or even by boat. It should be added that in the phrase fast food we usually recall the unhealthy variant of snacks prepared from semi-finished products. With Soupculture soups, the opposite is true. They are only thickened with vegetables and the crucible is freshly baked on site.

There are several plant variations to choose from every day. My favorite is (after a long decision and digging) peas with almonds or cappuccino made of white vegetables.

5) Fér Café

Fér Café offers a pleasant atmosphere in the Piarist Square, literally a few steps from the blind arm of the Malše River and a short walk from Jirásek's Weir on the Vltava River.

At Fér Café they pride themselves on cooking from local and seasonal foods, so the offer varies depending on availability. However, it is very flexible in terms of vegan refreshment. Certainly recommend to try pancakes or pancakes with homemade jam, brownies with almond whipped cream, soups (for example zucchini-kohlrabi cream), raw cakes, raw ice lollies.

Autor: Lucie Procházková. 

Lucka is Budweiser as a log and is also one of the main faces of the local vegan foodie scene. You can watch Lucka every Monday on Instagram @jiznicechy, where he airs #meatlessmonday

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