Ferry Purkarec

Regular ferry on the lake Hněvkovice

Price from 30 Kč /ticket

Přívoznická ship carrying only pedestrians and cyclists who can handle their equipment themselves between the left and right bank of the Vltava River in Hněvkovice dam.

The ferry departs / arrives only to boarding piers, which are located:

  • Purkarec - the left bank of the Vltava - the object of the U Angel Purkarec - permanent berth from which the ferry sails (or public wharf Purkarec in ideal sailing conditions)
  • right bank of the Vltava - small pier next to the campground from which leads the way to Kostelec. Interested parties Kostelec await the time agreed transportation visibly at boarding pier.

The maximum number of persons on board must not exceed the maximum permitted occupancy of the vessel by the ship's certificate. Capacity ferry: boatman + max. 12 persons or persons 5 + 5 rounds, max. Capacity 900 kg of the ship. The number of people and bikes boatman determines in its sole discretion.

The ship is not wheelchair accessible.

Transport of animals is possible only after compliance with the security measures and the agreement with the boatman. In the event that will bring together more interested in animals, it may be required to be muzzled.

Traffic or time of departure may be canceled if: boatman sees sailing conditions for inappropriate or dangerous, eg. Increased flow, strong winds, adverse weather conditions, etc.



Web: přívoz Purkarec

Phone: +420 602 834 708

Email: infocentrum@hluboka.cz

Purkarec (the church)


More information

Capacity boats 12 persons, 5 persons + 5 laps

Departure times are by appointment, according to the interest of passengers. Reservations for individuals may be made at any time within the opening hours of the ferry at the telephone number  +420 602 834 708 .

Group order needs to be made one day in advance. Earlier or later times to order a day in advance, or by appointment. But until nightfall.



The ferry is in operation from 1 July to 30 October 2019 (depending on weather)

July-August: every day from 10 to 18 hours

September-October: weekends and holidays

(Monday to Friday by appointment possible, preferably the day before)



Price list

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